Present Dis(Comfort) ↗︎

BFA Communication Design // Senior Thesis - Spring 2022

We live in a space where we unconsciously adapt within a constantly moving culture. People, when exposed to computers and other technologies alike, has reached a point of daunt. How do we confront that?

This project started with an exploration of spaces of discomfort. The discomfort of being exposed in both public and private spaces. Using motion graphics as the main tool to explore the uncertainty and ambiguity that it holds. There is a sense of discorrelation that continues to transform our experience when we decompress new visual language. But, eventually, we adapt.

From an understanding that disorientation comes within living in a technology-driven world, comes another perspective where we see the a more conversational interaction–relationship between humans and computers. Being constantly exposed with technology on a daily basis, how do we deal with that?

The discomfort, of a world evolving within a technology–driven world, can be an essential part of the learning process. That discomfort may eventually turn into a relationship where we can benefit from.